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How to apply onion juice on hair {Hair Care}

Very long back I had done a post on onion for hair growth. So, I had mentioned that I had been facing hair fall in the months of November to January and gradually my hair fall did reduce after using the Biotique Musk Root hair pack. But, my hair had thinned to quite and extent so I recalled that I could use onion juice remedy. So, I used it every time I used to oil my hair and my hair thickened visibly within 15 days.

How to use onion for hair?
An easier way to use onion juice for hair is to mix it with the hair oil. I grated onion and squeezed the grated onion to extract the juice. Yes, the whole process is a little difficult coz it stings the eyes badly and onion does stink badly too :( So, mix onion juice with hair oil. You can mix in the proportion of 50-50 or 75-25 for onion juice-hair oil. Both would not mix properly coz juice is watery and water and oil don't mix well so shake the whole mixture well while applying. Start by applying the mixture on the scalp first properly and then apply to the complete hair. It will stink a lot definitely but trust me results are definitely worth it. Using essential oils may be useful in reducing the stink of onion so you can try that. Another advice I can give is to use rosemary essential oil too (5 drops per application) coz Rosemary is amazing for hair growth.

You can also do a hot oil treatment using this mixture every time you are about to wash your hair. You can keep this mixture overnight or for at least an hour before shampooing off. Another thing I would mention is that do not worry about the onion stink remaining in the hair coz it gets washed off while shampooing and conditioning the hair. So, don't worry about that. You can also mix onion juice in the hair packs you use weekly. It also helps with controlling hair loss.

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